Past Master EmblemPast Master

The Past Master is an extraordinary gentleman of the Craft. He stands alone as one of the elite yet distinguish member to all of freemasonry. He has fulfilled the obligation of Worshipful Master. He has initiated those whom seek Masonry and not only made Masons out of them but has made them an asset to their communities and society as respectable men. He’s the bringer of knowledge and wisdom to newly elected Worshipful Master’s and the balance between those still seeking further Masonic Light. Most Mason’s spend their entire Masonic life time pursuing this degree, some are blessed, and others are not. This is why this elite group of men will always stand above approach.

MWPGM Howard L. Covington, Sr.

RWPDGM Durand Phillips

RWPGLec Andre S. Fontaine

RWGSec Robert Trujillo

RWGCT Eric Hooker

RWDDGM Drew Halsey


PM Victor Dorsey

PM Edward Jones III

PM John Janice, Jr.